We love bikes, healthy food and coffeee!

We have a no waste concept!

We always work with fresh, seasonal produce. And make all food ’a la minute’ for the best experience/flavour for our guests.


We care what you eat , where it comes from and how it is delivered to you!


All food is vegetarian (vegan optional.)


* Todays soup that is served with a fresh salad and bread. Coffee ink.

Always vegan and gluten free.


* Deluxe Sandwich.

A fresh healthy open sandwich topped with seasonal mini power salad, fruit and berries. It's named deluxe for a reason.



Think big, healthy and full of power for the body and mind! Full of natural ingredients and antioxidants!

Always served fresh with crispy veg, and seasonal fruit and berries.

A salad worthy of its name! 

This is a salad that will keep you focused and fill you up with good energy for the rest of the day.

*Basic menu, subject to change and seasonal specials


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